The scope of our company includes not only the production and sale of oak barrels and oak products of various sizes, but also the sale of restored 225 litres oak barrels. These barrels we get for restoration only from the most eminent wine producers who use the products of the best barrel factories in the world. We restore barrels made from American and French oak only!
We sell these barrels after we have returned its former state; and we always make sure that it will serve you for a long time. We carry out the necessary works to restore the barrel, such as: we use the staves of 27 mm thickness for the 225 litres barrel, that allows us to restore it several times; we remove the inner layer of oak (3 mm), which has absorbed wine, colour and aroma of any product stored in the barrel; we also make a replacement for the damaged staves on new ones; we assemble the barrels anew; we make toasting; we test the barrel with water in order to make sure of its tightness. By simple and not long time manipulations, we bring the used barrel into perfect state. Thus, you can buy an already restored barrel with us, saving both your time and money. The cost of such a 225 litres barrel is only 200 Euro. You can order the restored barrels (225 litres) at a good price on our website. Our specialists will help you to make a decision. They will provide you with the most complete and accurate information about the barrel you are interested in.