The production of wooden (cooperage) dishes is an ancient craft known all over the world. The cooperage takes its origins back in the most ancient times, but it was used very narrowly. Time passed and the production of cooperage products became wider and varieties of it appeared more and more. Our ancestors used all the main types of cooperage ware, which was widely used in subsequent centuries.

In our life there are such things that you can certainly replace with something, but you don’t want to. What do we get by replacing them? Yes, in fact - not the desired result, nor the desired effect, much less personal satisfaction. The simplest example, a tub - the thing is not replaceable in the household, the latest innovations in technology will not equal it. It can be tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage salted, the application to it and in the bath there, but if you consider the use of oak barrels? They can store any drinks, thanks to the properties of the barrels, the drinks that will be stored in them, will acquire a noble aroma and make your drink more fragrant.

Barrels are produced practically all over the world - this is a very time consuming process. And each barrel is unique in itself. Therefore, a bonded case of a kind can be equated with a work of art!

The secrets of cooperage craft are passed on by specialists from generation to generation. The demand for such products has always been, there is at the moment and naturally will continue. They are actively buying cafes and restaurants, baths and saunas, winemakers and the one who loves all environmentally friendly natural and natural. Our company has kept such traditions and revived in its production. - is one of the few specialized companies for the production and sale of cooperage products, which produces a true quality product. In our work we have united those ancient traditions and modern technologies. As a result, we obtain high quality products. Our numerous customers confirm this! For many years there were no complaints about our work or our products, what's the secret?! Perhaps in the next! We offer:

Huge assortment. We have a wide range of cooperage products. Planters for pickles, oak and fruit barrels for wine and cognac, beer jars, honey tanks, bath accessories, barrel furniture. All this we can do from mini volumes to the maximum at the request of our customers!

Our work experience. We honor the traditions. Over the years, we carefully studied the traditions of cooperage craft, singled out the most important among them and combined them with new technologies. Our accumulated skills now allow us to delight customers with truly high-quality cooperage products from environmentally friendly wood species.

Best quality. Since we are both a producer and a seller of our own products, we are responsible for every product. Our reputation is dear to us and therefore the main goal is to produce cooper products only of the highest quality.

Automated production - thanks to this we can carry out any volume of production in a short time!

Security. Our products are made from environmentally friendly tree species. There are all certificates of safety of products for human health.

We manufacture and sell:

• tubs and barrels for salting;

• flower girl

• cooper-style furniture;

• gangs

• ladles for sauna and bath

• tubs for honey;

• barrels for - wine, whiskey, cognac, brandy and other beverages

You have a question where to buy an old barrel? Our company knows the answer to this question! We not only produce and sell new barrels, but we also sell used barrels from wine, port wine, whiskey and cognac. We can offer for sale old barrels in the volume of 225 liters. They can also be used for storing and aging alcohol, and for pickling, or you can simply and simply decorate your room.