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Material – food-grade stainless steel (AISI 304/430)
Thickness of the metal - 1,5 mm
Lid gasket – heat-resistant food-grade silicone, thickness – 5 mm

A distiller with the dry drum designed for home use. The device allows to produce a high-quality drink if the non-complex rules for distillation are followed. All you need to do is to fill the distiller with “water” and put it on the stove.
A dry drum is a small additional container located between the main tank and the coil. It prevents the wash from entering the final product.

Dry drums of our moonshine distillers are equipped with a special valve for draining fusel oils, which greatly improves the quality of the resulting beverage.

The tank of the distiller is made from stainless steel AISI 304/430.
The thickness of the wall is 2 mm, which ensures a long life cycle of the distiller and the quality of the final product. The coil is made from the same steel and corresponds to the classic scheme with the five spiral turns.
In order to cool the coil, you need to connect the distiller to a source of cold water, for example, to an ordinary cold water tap. Therefore, it can be used both in an apartment and in a house or a cottage, if there is a water supply pipeline.

The tank is heated by an external source of heat – both an electric stove and a gas cooker are suitable.

The distiller has a simple and reliable structure, the tank is easy to clean after use.

High-quality material and components, such as a metal temperature sensor and gaskets made from heat-resistant food-grade silicone can guarantee a long service life of the distiller and its reliability.

Product Price By Volume

20 l180 EUR
30 l220 EUR

Not for sale on Lithuanian territory.

Have you ever thought about the amount of unused apples and pears that rot in your garden every year?

Moonshine is a broader concept than many people usually think. It can be whiskey, calvados, absinthe, Baileys and many other delicious beverages that can be produced from your apples, pears, currants and even beets or potatoes.

Do you want to really impress your family and friends?

Just imagine yourself pulling out the plug of the barrel in 10-15 years from now and treating your guests to a unique drink.

Are you dreaming of your own wine cellar?

Use the fruit and vegetables growing in your garden to prepare flavorful, soft and tangy natural fermented beverages. And be sure to put aside an oak barrel of moonshine to age for a few years at least.

By the way, do not forget about the economy, which is particularly important these days.

Just imagine, you could get all of the above beverages for EUR 0.30-0.40 per 0.5 l. And the quality of your product will be similar to that of well-known brands, and maybe even better.